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Strategic Alliance Marketing Group

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Strategic Alliance Marketing Group

Experienced, Client Focused & Independent

Innovative Strategy With Expert Execution

Strategic Alliance Marketing Group is a Houston-based marketing advisory providing innovative strategies and expert execution. We vet potential vendors, keep your firm up to date on innovative and effective products, track your competitors, audit your campaigns, and manage your firm’s marketing so you have time to focus on your business.

The leadership team at Strategic Alliance Marketing Group has over 35 years of combined marketing and public relations experience. Having sold, purchased, and managed digital and traditional marketing services, we know the advertising and marketing industry inside and out. We know when there is room to negotiate with your vendors and how to get you the best deal. We also know marketing vendors frequently recommend products that make them money but don’t achieve the best return for you. Our team will ask vendors the tough questions to protect your firm. A quick look at our testimonials will show we put our clients’ needs first. Let’s talk!

We focus on your bottom line, so you can focus on your clients!

Straight From Our Clients!

We are incredibly proud and grateful for the reviews and testimonials we receive from our clients. We look forward to making you a happy customer, as well!

Glenn Fahl

Fahl & Donaldson, PLLC

Deborah Dodson called on our firm years ago to offer her expertise in setting up our website being the Neanderthal that I am, I went with a cheaper competitor. We got an abysmal and not interactive website and no business. The Pandemic hit and I scrambled to increase our exposure. I called Deborah and she got to work immediately with analysis of the problems and innovative cutting edge solutions. We now have a “kick ass” website that has trafficked good business to the firm. Deborah Dodson is the Ninja website advisor and I strongly recommend you do not make the same mistake I did and not get her on your team at the first opportunity. I say this as my butt still hurts from me kicking myself.

Dan Ducote, Partner

Moore Landry LLP

I’ve had the privilege of working with Deborah over the past several years. She is a true professional and is very hard-working and diligent. She cares about her clients and works to make sure they are her priority and more importantly, that her clients’ priorities are being met. I recommend Deborah and Strategic Alliance Marketing Group to anyone or any entity who is looking to boost their bottom line.

Steven R Davis

Davis & Davis Law Firm

Deb has really helped us understand the analytics of our web traffic and understand where to spend marketing dollars, more importantly where not to spend. She is a great resource. If you don’t truly understand your web site reports, hire a pro, which is Deb.

According to the American Bar Association’s annual Legal Technology Survey Report:

  • 60%
    Over 60% of firms with 2-9 lawyers and over 80 percent of solo attorneys don’t take the time to make an annual budget for marketing; suggesting they primarily engage in "random acts of marketing and don’t intentionally plan marketing activities at all".
  • 60%
    Over 60 percent of respondents either don’t have access to or do not know whether they have web analytics which would provide insight into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.
  • 75%
    Seventy-Five percent of people base the credibility of a business on how their website looks.

Your law firm’s marketing strategy must be skillfully planned, implemented, and managed. If your firm is engaging in “random acts of marketing”, your competitors will continue to beat you again and again.

We are here to help you win!

Meet Deborah

Hi! I’m Deborah Dodson, the founder of Strategic Alliance Marketing Group (SAM). I founded SAM in direct response to what I learned as a marketing manager with a large national legal marketing company.

Law firms need an advocate to look out for their best interests so they can focus on running their firms. Yes, it seems obvious, but a true advocate for your firm’s business is not easy to find.

I’ve seen lawyers bullied and outright lied to, so sales reps could meet their quotas. I’ve seen firms sold expensive marketing services with promises of big returns only to have their representatives disappear. Often the products didn’t produce results, leaving firms stuck in expensive long-term contracts.

Before starting SAM, clients often asked me to assist them in finding marketing products that produced results. I advised them when something my company offered would pay off and when it wouldn’t, even if it meant walking away from a sale, but I could not assist them with products that were not offered by my employer. I wanted to do so much more for my clients, but my hands were tied.

I founded Strategic Alliance Marketing with one goal, to provide the very best legal marketing advice, guidance, and services available with no ties to any one marketing vendor. Let’s do this!

Marketing Services

  • Full-Service Marketing Advisor

    We provide your firm, upon request, with a deep-dive audit of all your current marketing programs and products so you can be certain you are getting the best possible return on your marketing dollars.

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  • Digital Marketing

    Our leadership team has over 35 years of marketing experience and will use their expertise to provide guidance as we serve as your firm’s digital marketing and business development advisors.

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  • Website Development and SEO

    We will use our extensive knowledge and experience to do the necessary research, negotiate on your behalf, and bring the best vendors to the table based on your needs, goals, and budget.

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  • Public Relations and Social Media

    We provide services focused on building and maintaining your firm’s public reputation via traditional and digital media placement and comments, published media, law firm and lawyer reviews, brand development, and social media management.

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