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Providing a Complete Toolbox of Proven Marketing Solutions

Strategic Alliance Marketing (SAM) is a full-service marketing advisory. Most of our clients count on us to manage all their marketing needs. We also have great success supplementing in-house marketing teams. The team at SAM will advise vendors, assist in vendor price negotiations to get the best price for your firm, introduce new products and technologies, and assist in strategy formation, implementation, and follow-through. We provide your firm, upon request, with a deep-dive audit of all your current marketing programs and products so you can be certain you are getting the best possible return on your marketing dollars. At SAM, we understand that every marketing dollar comes out of your pocket and must produce results.

Strategic Alliance Marketing’s team will monitor your firm’s marketing programs and hold scheduled account reviews, where we will discuss goals, strategy, results, what is working and what needs adjustment. We will share with you the latest innovations in the legal marketing arena and develop future strategies and tactics to ensure a continuing upward trend in valuable client conversion.

Strategic Alliance Marketing Group provides a full range of customizable digital and traditional marketing solutions. For example, maybe you are satisfied with your website, but your firm is falling behind your competition in search results. In this scenario, we will discuss with you the option to optimize your Search Engine results while allowing you to keep your current website design. On the other hand, if your online presence isn’t producing killer results or representing the level of excellence you wish to convey to clients, we will negotiate with the best website builders and SEO companies in the industry to provide your firm with a well-managed marketing program. We will be your primary point of contact and hold vendors accountable for meeting your expectations of success and results.

Our custom consulting and management packages include but are not limited to:

  • Development of a strategic custom marketing plan
  • Comprehensive deep dive audit of online presence, reputation, & all existing marketing services
  • Complete analysis of current website and digital marketing campaigns
  • Vendor vetting, contract negotiations, & ongoing management
  • Marketing data consolidation & fully transparent reporting
  • Ongoing strategy development, analysis and recommendations to maximize results
  • Website development for all budgets
  • Mass Tort Marketing Services
  • Pay Per Click ads, Google paid ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local Google My Business optimization / Maps
  • OTT, OTV, and Retargeting – ads utilizing streaming services
  • Targeted banner ads
  • Public relations and media mentions
  • Social media management and optimization
  • Brand Development - logo design, taglines, market analysis and client identification
  • Online legal directories and review sites audited and optimized
  • Super Lawyers and Rising Stars orientation and assistance


What is our process?


  • During the initial consultation, we will get to know each other. We will discuss your firm’s short term and long-term goals. Each law firm is unique in its approach to gaining clients and your strategy and tactics should be, too. Your starting point, goals, and level of aggressiveness will be instrumental in guiding us as we define your strategy for success.
  • Once we have clarified your firm’s goals, the team at SAM will do a deep dive into your current marketing programs, current results, your competition, your market, and the challenges and opportunities that go along with your market and targeted clients/cases.


  • he strategy recommended will vary for each law firm and might include website design, search engine optimization, rebranding, paid search (Google AdWords), targeted lead generation via researched data and a multi-channel approach, video, content revisions, social media, media releases, and other more traditional marketing options. SAM will recommend vetted vendors and gather quotes on your behalf. We will certainly work with your preferred vendors and gather quotes from them, as well. The tools pulled from our toolbox will vary based on your firm’s present market strength (starting point), competition, budget, and your goals.


  • The strategy and plan of execution are presented during a follow-up meeting. We will revisit goals and explain how the recommended plan will work to obtain results. We will explain how results will be tracked, the reporting that will be provided, methods used to gather data, and the recommended schedule for strategy sessions to review results.
  • The budget is discussed and recommended by Strategic Alliance Marketing based on competition, goals, and where your firm’s market strength lies currently. We can scale programs to work with practically any budget and will be candid as to what you can expect to achieve at different levels of investment.


  • Once we have reached an agreement to move forward with your firm’s strategy and plan, it is time to execute. Our team will lead the charge so you can focus on running your business. We will manage your firm’s marketing services by participating in vendor meetings, coordinating implementation of all new marketing services, and making recommendations along the way based on our years of legal marketing experience. SAM represents you and your best interests every step of the way.
  • Have you ever signed with a salesperson or marketing company and then they seemed to disappear? At SAM, we believe we must work closely with your firm to provide updates, monitor results, and get feedback. SAM’s team will provide transparent reporting and analysis during regular accountreviews. You will always know what work is being done for your firm.

“90% of marketing doesn’t work because it doesn’t get done."
- Neil Bradman

  • Marketing is both a science and an art, and as such it must be monitored to achieve maximum return on your investment. This is the crucial step where most firms fail. Their marketing plan is set up, but no one is minding the store. Set it and forget it does not work in today’s fast paced legal marketing arena. We will make sure your firm is on top of and, whenever possible, ahead of all shifts in the marketplace. We only win when you win. You are our priority.


  • Your business will see results. Some results take longer than others to come to fruition and we will be completely transparent from day one, telling you what you should expect and when.