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Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing For Law Firms

The team at Strategic Alliance Marketing Group (SAM) is composed of a former Thomson Reuters Sr. Legal Marketing Manager, a former Hearst Media National Accounts Director, Google Certified SEO Specialists, WordPress design experts, and experienced legal content writers.

SAM’s leadership team has over 35 years of marketing experience. and will use our expertise, contacts, and knowledge of the industry to gain access to cutting-edge digital marketing services and negotiate the best deals for your firm.

Innovative Digital Products for Law Firms

Strategic Alliance Marketing (SAM) offers a complete suite of digital consulting and management services for law firms including, but not limited to:

  • Strategic custom digital marketing plans across multiple platforms
  • Website design and development for all budgets
  • Content creation and blogs, written in America and optimized for conversion
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local Google My Business optimization / Maps
  • OTT ads - streaming services
  • Mass Tort marketing services and lead generation
  • Programmatic Ads; Retargeting, Outbound Targeting, Geofencing, & Polygoning
  • Social media management
  • Comprehensive audit of online presence, including website performance & existing digital marketing campaigns
  • Vendor vetting, contract negotiations, & ongoing campaign management
  • Ongoing marketing data analysis, fully transparent reporting, and recommendations to maximize results
  • Pay Per Click or Google paid ads and LSAs

The Current State of Digital Marketing in 2024

Wouldn’t it be lovely if a consumer looking for a lawyer would go directly to your website, read your amazing content, and then call you immediately without shopping around? The reality is most legal consumers will visit multiple law firm websites over a period of several days. They will get distracted by life and maybe forget which sites they have visited. So, how are you to make your marketing more successful at generating leads and high value cases for your firm?

Retargeting Brings Potential Clients Back to your Website

Chances are your firm is spending significant amounts of money to bring clients to your website. Why get them there and then lose the lead? Retargeting ads are used to bring legal consumers who have visited your website back to your website while they are still engaged in their research process, thus increasing your chances of converting a “looker” into a call to your firm.

What are Retargeting Ads?

Retargeting ads are served through third-party networks to those who have visited your website but not converted. Retargeted ads “follow” the visitor to your firm’s website serving them your ad. What are some examples of where the ads might be served?

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Third-party websites where they are shopping, reading the news, etc.

The consumer has already visited your site when they are shown the ad. Seeing your brand again will keep you top of mind (increased brand awareness). The consumer can then simply click on the ad to be brought back to your website for further information.

If your firm is spending thousands of dollars on SEO, Google paid ads, Facebook ads, directory spots, or any other marketing, to get legal consumers to your website, don’t waste the resources that got them there in the first place.

Outbound Targeted Display Ads

Targeted display ads are outbound and not generated by a visit to your website. These ads are served to your target audience wherever and whenever you want and for as long as you want.

How do Outbound Targeted Display Ads Work?

The team at Strategic Alliance will gather data to help precisely define your target audience. Then the data will be used to create a custom group that will be served your ads in one of two ways. The ads will follow these individuals across all devices including their mobile phones.

We can target and follow:

  • A list of individuals with associated home addresses or IP address that is ideal for your targeted client group
  • A geographic location with a mass of the type of individuals you would like as clients. Anyone within this geographic area can be served your ad. This is sometimes called Geotargeting.

Outbound targeted display ads are highly effective for raising awareness of your services and expertise within a defined geographic area or community. If you can define your ideal client, then this is a fantastic way to get in front of them. Please contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

What is OTT or Over-The-Top Advertising?

The way people watch TV or videos has changed dramatically over the past few years, with the pandemic speeding up the change to streaming media. Cable providers no longer dominate the video or TV market like they did prior to 2020. The major pay-for-TV outlets lost over 5 million subscribers in 2020 alone.

Have you been considering advertising your firm via streaming TV, like Netflix, HBOmax, Roku, or Disney+? If not, you should. OTT is revolutionizing how businesses are advertising, yet few law firms have made the jump to this incredibly effective client-targeting option. OTT is a fantastic way to get ahead of your competition in a market that is not yet saturated. SAM can help you take the next step!

  • Strategic Alliance Marketing Group can also set up retargeting to your audience across their devices! For example, someone watches your ad while watching Hulu on their laptop. We will retarget that individual later when they are using their iPhone. We can also serve ads to potential clients that have visited your website and then are later watching shows via a streaming service.

Should My Law Firm Use Streaming Ad Services?

Any attorney who intends to increase his leads should consider using OTT to reach his audience. OTT or streaming ad service is particularly useful for high-end family law, mass tort, and personal injury lawyers seeking an edge over their competition. We use multiple nationally known and respected research groups to compile the data necessary to identify and laser target your audience based on thousands of factors including location, income, age, sex, product usage, medical diagnosis, prior or current consumer spending behavior, and much more.